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 Team Selector Script

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PostSubject: Team Selector Script   Tue Jul 15, 2008 12:26 am

Quote :
bind F6 "team b; echo ^4Joined Allies!!!
bind F7 "team r; echo ^1Joined Axis!!!
bind F8 "team s; echo ^3Joined Spec!!!

Copy this code into notepad. Save into your etmain as whatever you want. (eg. teamselector.txt) Once in etmain, rename the file from teamselector.txt to teamselector.cfg. In game, in console, type /exec teamselector.cfg

F6 F7 or F8 can be replaced with any key. When you press that particular key, it will switch to that class and you will automatically say one of those 3 sayings.

You can replace the spam I've placed with your own if you want Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Team Selector Script   Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:46 pm

i like your work hubb
keep posting more stuff Very Happy
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Team Selector Script
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