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 Name Changer Script

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PostSubject: Name Changer Script   Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:59 pm

Quote :
//name cycle
set gamename1 "set nameset set name NAME1; set nextname vstr gamename2; Echo current name: NAME1"
set gamename2 "set nameset set name NAME2; set nextname vstr gamename3; Echo current name: NAME2"
set gamename3 "set nameset set name NAME3; set nextname vstr gamename4; Echo current name: NAME3"
set gamename4 "set nameset set name NAME4; set nextname vstr gamename5; Echo current name: NAME4"
set gamename5 "set nameset set name NAME5; set nextname vstr gamename6; Echo current name: NAME5"
set gamename6 "set nameset set name NAME6; set nextname vstr gamename7; Echo current name: NAME6"
set gamename7 "set nameset set name NAME7; set nextname vstr gamename8; Echo current name: NAME7"
set gamename8 "set nameset set name NAME8; set nextname vstr gamename9; Echo current name: NAME8"
set gamename9 "set nameset set name NAME9; set nextname vstr gamename0; Echo current name: NAME9"
set gamename0 "set nameset set name NAME10; set nextname vstr gamename1; Echo current name: NAME10"

set nextname "vstr gamename1"
bind F5 "vstr nextname"
bind F6 "vstr nameset"


Edit the parts of the script where it says NAME1..
eg. I will edit NAME1 to KILLER
set gamename1 "set nameset set name KILLER; set nextname vstr gamename2; Echo current name: KILLER"

How it works?
Press F5, you should see an echo on your screen stating the current name, keep pressing F5 to cycle throught the names, when you have found the one you want, press F6
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Name Changer Script
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