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 Graphics tweaks

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PostSubject: Graphics tweaks   Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:57 am

Graphics tweaks

Here are some useful tweaks you can make to change your graphics.

set com_maxfps
Use this to set the maximum FPS you want your game to run at. Why limit your FPS? Firstly, because if your FPS is constantly changing, it can throw off your aim and generally disorient you. Personally I would rather have a constant FPS of 76 than an FPS which keeps fluctuating between 76 and 100. Also, trickjumps work best when you have a steady FPS of 43 (good), 76 (great), 125 (best), or 333 (supercomputer!). I know this sounds weird, but trust me, it is true Due to numerical errors in the Quake 3 engine, you actually jump a little higher if your FPS is say, 125, than if your FPS is 100 or 150. Try to set your com_maxfps to one of these magic numbers.

Personally I have my config set up so I can toggle between FPS depending on the situation. For example, if I'm playing Goldrush I can usually get a constant 125 FPS so I set com_maxfps to 125. If I'm playing Radar where there's lots of grass on the map, I set it down to 76 FPS. Use removals on Radar to reduce alot of laaaag.

Ex: set com_maxfps 76

set cg_wolfparticles
This is 1 by default. If you set it to 0, then it will hide many particle effects. For example, when a grenade blows up, you won't see a blast. Or when airstrikes are going off, you'll only see smoke, but no explosions. Also, the smoke that comes out of the tank when it's disabled will not be shown.

This is good because you get a little performance boost, and also airstrikes or tank smoke don't block your vision, so you can fire at people who are standing on the other side of the airstrike. The problem is obviously then you might accidentally run into more airstrikes. That's why personally I have a key to toggle this setting on and off. (An example of how to write such a toggle script is below).

Ex: bind "K" toggle cg_wolfparticles

Note: If you don't want a toggle, but just want it to be some fixed value, I would recommend just leaving it on, otherwise you might die more due to running into artillery.

set r_gamma
Higher values of n make your screen brighter. Default is 1.0, allowed values are from 0 to 3. I recommend making your screen brighter because it lets you see targets more easily. Be careful you don't set it too high, otherwise levels like fueldump or radar with lots of snow will be way too bright.
Ex: set r_gamma 2.2

set r_intensity
Higher values of n make your screen brighter. Default is 1.0, allowed values are from 0 to 1.5
Ex: set r_intensity 1.2

set r_mapoverbrightbits
Higher values of n make the shadowy parts of a map lighter. Default is 2, allowed from 1 to 3. Setting it to 3 may help see targets that are hiding in shadows
Ex: set r_mapoverbrightbits 3

set r_picmip
The bigger n is, the crappier your textures look, but it may improve performance on older video cards. Default value for n is 1. Allowed values are from 0 to 3.
Ex: set r_picmip 3

set r_picmip2
Similar to r_picmip- just set it to whatever you set r_picmip to

set r_dynamiclight
Turns on (n=1) or off (n=0) dynamic light. Dynamic light is used very little in the game. I suggest you leave it on, because it is what makes the "glow" around dynamite, which is very useful to know when dyno has been planted.
Ex: set r_dynamiclight 0

set cg_shadows
Turns on (n=1) or off (n=0) shadows. Doesn't help a whole lot, but if you have a slow computer, try it...
Ex: set cg_shadows 0

set r_finish
Just set it to 0, it's not important. Trust me
Ex: set r_finish 0

set r_detailtextures
When detail textures are enabled (n=1), it means that basically every object is textured twice to make it look more detailed. Obviously this is slower, so try disabling this (n=0) if you want to get more FPS.
Ex: set r_detailtextures 0

set r_subdivisions
If you want a little performance boost, set this to 999. Otherwise, set it to 4.
Ex: set r_subdivisions 999

set r_texturemode
This lets you set texture filtering. The most common values are:
(low quality): GL_NEAREST
(great quality): GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR

On older video cards, choosing lower quality may increase performance. If you set this to GL_NEAREST, then everything on your screen will look really blocky because textures aren't being "smoothed". Personally I use GL_NEAREST simply because it makes my crosshair look sharper. This is useful since I use a "tiny" crosshair size.

Ex: set r_texturemode GL_NEAREST

set r_fastsky
If you set this to 1, it will just draw a solid color for your sky. This may give you a slight improvement in your FPS. It's not much, but then again, who cares how pretty the sky looks?

Ex: set r_fastsky 1

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Graphics tweaks
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