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 Connection Tweaks

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PostSubject: Connection Tweaks   Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:54 am

Connection Tweaks

Add these settings to your .cfg and you will find improved FPS!

set rate
Can be from 2500 to 25000. The faster your connection is, the higher you should set your rate. So for example, a modem might use a rate of 5000, whereas for LAN you would use 25000.
Ex: set rate 15000

set snaps
Can be from 20-40. Determines how many times the server sends you updates of the game state. I would suggest leaving it at 20 or so if you have a slow connection. If you have a good connection, set it to 30-40.
Ex: set snaps 30

set cl_timenudge
This is a very odd tweak: if you have a lot of lag, then setting this to a negative number will cause some crazy calculations to occur to take your lag into account when determining stuff like where your bullet went. Most people should leave this at 0. If you have serious ping problems, try setting this lower, but no lower than -50. (-50 is the lowest allowed value on most servers). In fact though, in most competitions, cl_timenudge must be zero. So if you play in a clan, don't tweak this...
Ex: set cl_timenudge -25

set cl_maxpackets
The bigger n is, the more information your computer sends to the server, so basically your actions will be more accurate. I think the default for this is 20, you can raise it higher if you want but no higher than 100 since this is the max allowed value. Be careful when tweaking this setting, if you set it to high, it may actually make your connection worse.
Ex: set cl_maxpackets 50

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Connection Tweaks
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